Thursday, January 07, 2010

Frontenacs: Bad policy as usual

Never look for logic with the human comedy which is the Kingston Frontenacs, unless you want your head to hurt.

The Frontenacs say they are bidding for next season's Memorial Cup, so what do they do? Trading for a player who will be too old for major junior hockey next season. According to Loose Pucks, GM-for-life Larry Mavety is working on a trade with the Saginaw Spirit that "would send an overager to Kingston, while Saginaw would get a young player and picks. No idea when this is happening now."

Please don't ask: How Frontenacs owner Doug Springer and his pet dinosaur can be earnest about hosting a Memorial Cup in the future, while mortgaging the team's prospects at being competitive in 2010-11; how they can expect to get the Memorial Cup when more stable, seriously run franchises such as Windsor, Mississauga-St. Michaels (which as per Tony Ambrogio, is bidding) are in the running; and how this is anything but bad-hockey-as-usual from the only team, in a league which is cyclical in nature, which is 0-for-the-2000s at winning a playoff series.

Honestly, this site, laugh if you must, is for trying to talk about positives, so that's why there is not much to say about the Frontenacs. Anyway, any time Loser Suit Larry is talking trade, this comes to mind.
Lisa: Do you really think you can get our dental plan back, dad?
Homer: Well, that depends on who's the better negotiator, Mr. Burns or me...
Bart: Dad, I'll trade you this delicious doorstop for your crummy old Danish.
Homer: Done and done.
Please don't ask why the people in Kingston who raise these questions, such as Mark Potter, get treated as pariahs.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry this is just getting out of control.First they say there going to make a bid for the mem cup ok that sounds all good and fine a mistake maybe but ok theys ending a messege to there fans.Now they trade or are going to trade a 17 year olds and picks for a vet how does this make any sense at all.

chuckie2 said...
Please read this thread