Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surely honouring Tiger right now won't haunt anyone forever

Tiger Woods being named the Associated Press athlete of the decade is red meat for the same knee-jerk media moralizers who blown his misdeeds out of proportion.

(Vancouver Sun editor-in-chief Patricia Graham on Twitter: "Tiger Woods honoured by journalists; I'm embarrassed for my profession." This is coming from someone whose bosses want us serfs to pay 10 bucks every month for so-called local TV.)

Getting into What This Means should be on held pending other Actogevin-related developments. Life is too short otherwise and Woods winning rates nothing more than an "uh-huh," save for some manufactured outrage during the last two weeks.

It should simply be pointed out Tiger Woods got 56 of the 142 votes while Lance Armstrong received 33 for winning the Tour de France six times during the '00s. That clearly shows the voters did not give full consideration to acting ability:


Ron Rollins said...

Athlete doesn't mean citizen.

He was a good choice. The award was for athlete of the decade, not father/husband/family man of the decade.

Good enough for me.

sager said...

Well said, Ron. That's what I've been saying!

Nice work on Baseball Over Here, too.

Dennis Prouse said...

Lance isn't exactly the poster boy for family values either. I very much respect Lance Armstrong as an athlete, but as a husband and father he was an epic failure.

I agree that this award shouldn't necessarily reflect an athlete's life away from sports. Patricia Graham's response, though, demonstrates the gender split on Tiger - men are generally not that scandalized, but most women are disgusted by how he has carried on. This phenomenon was seen on full display when Princess Diana died - men just shrugged their shoulders and carried on, but any woman who had been trapped in a loveless marriage or had dealt with meddling in-laws deeply identified with Diana.

Anonymous said...

Ty Cobb was undoubtedly the greatest player of his era.
He also was an unspeakably rotten SOB.
He went to his grave railing about the desegregation of baseball.
Yet, despite being a thoroughly reprehensible human being, no one bats an eyelash for the fact he was a charter member HOF player.
Tiger isn't that much different than the Georgia Peach.
No one can dispute that Tiger Woods impacted the new millennium like no other athlete, irrespective of the fact he is a womanizing heel and is as contrived and artificial as any product marketed to the public.
There were Tiger haters before this all came to light, but obviously now the anti-Tiger Woods army will grow exponentially because of this.
Could you imagine Tiger representing the US at the Ryder Cup in...Sweden?