Monday, December 07, 2009

Fronts: Trivia about a trivial franchise

Any savvy junior hockey fan believes he has a system for dealing with Sunday games where the visitors are winding up a 3-in-3 road trip.

Typically, the hometown team gets to pump in a few goals past a hung-out-to-dry goaltender. Or you steer clear, thinking it will be a dog of a game where the hometowners play down to the level.

Then there are the Kingston Frontenacs. Two of the past three Sundays, the Frontenacs have hosted a Western Conference team on the final leg of 3-in-3. They managed to score one goal in those two games. True story.

Oh, and when Nathan Moon got a misconduct during Sunday's 2-0 loss to Owen Sound, coach Doug Gilmour responded by:
A) Sending him back to the dressing room;
B) Benching him for the rest of the game;
C) Admonishing him in the media afterward;
D) Pretending nothing happened.
The correct answer is E) Asking Larry Mavety what to do?

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Dave said...

What can you say, it just boggles the mind. I wouldn't be surprised if Gilmour takes a little hiatus after X-mas. This incident sure opened some peoples eyes.

This never was or ever will be Gilmour's team, It has been Mavety's and always will be until he leaves.

This team has all the earmarks of a Mavety team no question about it.
No discipline on or off the ice