Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Finally, someone who might have credibility (or at least class) wants to develop Ottawa Stadium

As someone said in September, the goal for Ottawa Stadium is to get a stable tenant. The sport may be named later, baseball or soccer.

The aim is to keep a stadium out on Coventry Rd., so baseball or soccer, is not such a big deal as far as keeping it from becoming condominiums is concerned. In other words, hearing about Neil Malhotra's intentions to put soccer and be willing to share with a baseball team. It is good news there is interest being expressed by someone who is legitimate. In other words, someone who is does not call .

It is also evidence the commenters are pretty smart, since they cannily anticipated someone would show interest in putting soccer there three months ago. (Of course, there's no parking.)

As for the guy whose initials as the same those for Douche Bag, please. That pathetic little loser (take it away, David Bowie in Extras) is the greatest time-waster since Tetris. Last week he wanted a women's professional baseball team. Next week it will be a team in some other podunk circuit such as the Golden Baseball League, which operates entirely in Western Canada and U.S. and whose teams run on a shoestring, making travel to Ottawa unrealistic. Seriously, sir, you have not been honest with us and worse, you're wasting the time of good people. Any credibility you might have accidentally had is only because of a local media corps that is too time-pressed to do some digging. Go away, and let someone who packs the essential gear between the ears try to make a go out of this. You had your moment, you insult-to-the-word-pitiful glory hog.


Neil Malhotra Wants to Put Pro Soccer in Ottawa Stadium
(Ottawa Citizen)

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Anonymous said...

Why redevelop something so well-suited for baseball when the revamped Frank Clair makes more sense for soccer and taxpayers?

That's like making ground beef out of filet mignon...

Anonymous said...

It does not hurt to have more then one soccer/football stadium.Sure you can have landsdown for the big pros.Then you can have the baseball stadium for the minors etc.

Larry said...

I can't see professional soccer being the answer at Ottawa Stadium, even in the short-term. City council wants Lansdowne Live to go ahead, and LL have stated they are interested in getting a soccer team for 2013. LL has the support of John Pugh (of the Ottawa Fury), which gives them a lot of credibility in the soccer world.

Jeff Hunt has spoken with people from USL-1 and NASL, and is aware of the current fight going on there. Once LL gets final go ahead, and the soccer fight ends, LL can get a franchise in whatever league wins.

The Claridge guy is talking about starting in 2011 (i.e. only 2 years before LL) and he doesn't have a franchise yet. It would be very surprising to me if any league would grant him a franchise when they knew that better owners would be available in a better facility only 2 years later.

What really should have happened for Ottawa Stadium is the city should have accepted Miles Wolff's offer to renew the lease for 2 years. That would have put baseball back in the stadium while the city tries to determine its long term plans.

Anonymous said...

Soccer won't work in the stadium. 50% of the seats will be at the end. As well 50% of the field will have no stands as well.

If I was the city I would give Miles a two-year lease and work with him to find a suitable owner for the team for the long-term.

I see it as interesting that the Canadian National Youth Team has the period from July 1st-9th listed as open dates.

With the World Youth Championships this summer in Thunder Bay it would seem possible that you may see a series of exhibition games down at the Stadium as Canada prepares.