Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bleeding Tricolour: Time to rock Richardson!

Injured linebacker Thaine Carter has done his best to give Queen's and Kingston its version of Winfield-wants-noise. Ahead of Saturday's Yates Cup game vs. Western, last season's defensive player of the year (out after shoulder and knee surgeries) has penned an open letter to the Golden Gaels fanbase:
"We need everyone’s help to cheer us on to our first conference title since 1997.

"I want to see the crowd jammed into Richardson Stadium like never before; let’s break an attendance record!! Western needs to fear our 13th man!! The stands need to shake and we need to make the Mustangs feel your presence!!

"The 13th man makes all the difference. Queen’s University and the City of Kingston will be on the map in front of a national audience. Let’s make it memorable, let’s make it loud and let's send the Purple Ponies home with their tails between their legs."
Queen's fans are noted for being rather, uh, pensive during the game. Another zinger is that you know the Gaels have a good team when present-day students say they've heard the school has a football team, although no, they haven't been to any games this season.

Since the Toronto Blue Jays and Queen's each won in 1992, the reference fits.


Superfun happy slide said...

Carter's plea clearly demonstrates that Canadian university sport has a lot of work to do in consolidating their own immediate fan community before they press for national contracts with big-time media outlets. US college sports and their broadcast partners do a great job of putting the passion of the student fan base in obvious focus. If Canadian university sport can enhance their own image on campus they can then use that passion to show big-time media that they are worthy of increased attention. However, until that type passion is unleased on Canadian university campuses there will always be questions about whether or not anyone beyond the immediate community cares enough to tune in.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this spurs on the crowd. It was eerily silent near the end of the game on Saturday considering Queen's was up big and rolling to the Yates Cup. Matthew O'Donnell was doing his best to pump up the crowd. Finally, the stadium announcer (Tim Cunningham right?) had to tell the crowd to make some noise.

Then I turned on the Western Laurier game when I got home and it sounded loud. I realize that it might have had something to do with how TV mics the games, but I think it was definitely louder than Richardson.

You think Queen's is bad for supporting school sports? I went to McGill a couple years back and the student support was horrible, other than for the odd hockey game. No one would go to football games. Queen's students are great in comparison.

Mark Kerr

Tim in London said...

Mustang games likely would make Richardson stadium sound like Michigan's Big House. Then again, I find it hard to pay attention to the game as I am lining up to buy my beer tix (max 2 remember), then lining up to get a beer (one at a time sir). Maybe the beer service should let us face the game while we get treated like juveniles trying to get a frigging drink.

Anonymous said...

What, beer at a football game? McGill had that and still couldn't get fans out.

Anyone on here know why Queen's doesn't serve beer? Did they ever at any time? Seems bizarre to me that they don't. It would be a huge revenue source, although I am sure there are a lot of extra costs associated with serving alcohol and all of the other problems that come with it.

Mark Kerr

sager said...


There is a beer garden behind the north end zone, although it's $5 for a bracelet.

There was a big issue with rowdyism (well, big in the administration's mind) in the 1980s and since then they have decreed everything has to be clean and sober, plus students should get frisked on the way in.

And they wonder why the kids don't come. Far be it to say if you trust people a little, sometimes they respond; of course, you know, a few bad apples ....