Monday, October 26, 2009

Canada's green jersey ... ol' lightning wit strikes again

This actually happened and can be corroborated.

Early Saturday afternoon. Two guys speed-walking through the parking lot at Lansdowne Park, where as per usual more people are trickling in for a trade show at Aberdeen Pavilion than an OUA football game at Frank Clair Stadium (official attendance was a pathetic 1,116 for the Windsor Lancers at the Ottawa Gee-Gees). As they walk, someone calls out, "Hey, what's with the Sweden shirt?" referring to one man's choice to wearing the bright gold Tre Kronor jersey to layer up against the fall chill.

What he said: "Bought it at the World Juniors, plus I have Swedish heritage."

What he could have said: "It's nice to wear a national team jersey that actually matches the country's flag." Who knew at the time Canada was preparing to wear a green jersey at the world juniors?


Dennis Prouse said...

Man, those are seriously ugly jerseys.

Yours sincerely,

The California Golden Seals

Jason Cormier said...

Will Canada wear an orange jersey in Vancouver next February? How about a half red & black and half blue & orange monstrosity for Calgary-Edmonton in December, 2011?

What a joke. Are the people of Saskatchewan so insecure that the Riders need to be worshipped on every possible occasion?

Vancouver realtor said...

Maybe they messed up the jerseys and had them made for Ireland instead of Canada...haha. They surely look ugly and nobody would ever recognize a Canadian in one of those. I really wonder whose idea was that. Lets not use one of our national colors and dress us in ugly green...oh man.

Take care, Jay