Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You think Andy Rooney's pissed?

News flash. Roy Halladay is a Blue Jay. Feel free to tell your friends. TSN has, about 55 times in the last hour, which is getting as old as comparing Jamie Moyer to a resident of the Ark.

• Recently seen in Western Manitoba: former Toronto Blue Jays Tony Fernandez, Kelly Gruber and Jesse Barfield. They were barnstorming with a celebrity baseball team called the Clear Lake Yankees. No kidding. While they hit well, rumour has it their opponents were only allowed to toss fastballs to them.
• The Saskatchewan Roughriders getting a dome makes a lot of sense. Which may well be the reason it never happens. Still, I like Regina's chances for a new stadium better than Winnipeg's.
• Best point made by a rural newspaper, courtesy of Jack Gibson and the Neepawa Press: Stadiums are bad investments when every municipality in the province has crumbling roads.
• In case you missed it, Roy Halladay is still a Jay. And boy are the 15 fans at Rogers Centre happy about that. How about those Jays?
• The Canadian Curling Association took their sweet time to get to this point, but they got it right when they banished event-specific competitors cards. Now curlers can buy one card and compete as they like. They'll find they won't lose as many curlers that way. Now if they could let the competitive curlers fend for themselves for a bit and develop some solid recreational junior programs, they'd be laughing.
• The BC Lions face more turmoil in practise this week. If they'd only show that emotion against other teams....
• The Stanley Cup playoffs ended more than a month ago. How have we survived without summer hockey? Seriously, the playoffs need to end in May. Shorten the season to make it happen.
• If you went to the United States, donated blood for cash, got $50 per pint and assume every human has 10 pints in them, going to a Yankee game could very well kill you. You are better off selling a kidney to see Jeter.
• Anyone else enjoying the Phoenix Coyotes fiasco develop? It's one man dates wife's boyfriend's daughter show away from being a real gong show.
• Brian Burke is god. Just ask him.
• Roy Halladay's still a Blue Jay. Pass it on. Don't be shy.
• Instead of hating the KHL, why not embrace it? Seems they aren't going away and if they are going to take (or keep) some of Russia's best players, why not set up an exhibition series? That would be a good use for the Winter Classic games.
• In case you weren't paying attention, Roy Halladay is a Jay.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else noticed the sub par outings Roy has had lately?
Is it a coincidence that they occurred leading up to to and then past the trade deadline?
We are all exhausted with the constant barrage of Roy Halladay trade rumours...perhaps no one more, though, than Roy himself.

Jordie Dwyer said...

All of that rambling Keith and you forgot Mike Kelly?
I'm disappointed man...

Jordie Dwyer said...
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Keith Borkowsky said...

Mike Kelly isn't worth the trouble.