Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ottawa Can-Ams: Butler doesn't have the goods

No doubt Dave Butler might try to turn the fact the Can-Am League has a franchise
which has no place to play to his advantage:
"On Tuesday afternoon Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, as she had promised Monday, prevented the (American Defenders of New Hampshire) ... from playing their regularly scheduled game against the New Jersey Jackals. In addition to the tractor parked at home plate, new locks were put on the stadium gates, presumably to prevent the team from allowing fans to come in the ballpark."
Speaking of Mr. Butler and his plans to put a Can-Am team in Ottawa ... apparently someone reviewed his business plan, so-called, and the reaction was along the lines of, "That's it?!" It was no more detailed than the sparse outline he provided on Monday for the media.

Forget strike three. Butler is on about strike eleven, if anyone in Ottawa cares to check the scoreboard. Sorry to be turning this into a single-topic blog. Getting all those football previews written for is taking up a lot of time.

The Defenders will likely play out their season on the road, to hazard a guess.

Defenders locked out of Holman (Tom King, Nashua Telegraph)

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