Thursday, July 02, 2009

The game was not much of a thriller, though.

Toronto Argonauts receiver Arland Bruce III's Michael Jackson tribute in the end zone last night ... might land him a fine. Never mind it was entertaining (and if it wasn't, it was pretty benign). Never mind that it was entertaining and the 20 yards in penalties the Argos were assessed on the ensuing kickoff was worth it. Besides, teams should kick off from the 15-yard line against Hamilton, just to give the Tiger-Cats a chance.

(Seriously, it was like a Ricky Bobby moment watching it live: How did he get down to his UnderArmour that quickly? Did you hear about Calgary Stampeders running back Demetris Summers is out 2-3 weeks "after pulling his hamstring running alongside" teammate during a kickoff return for a touchdown last night. What Bruce did not hurt anyone.)


Anonymous said...

Is that what it supposed to be,a Michael Jackson tribute?
Whatever it was it was bad, as in lame.
Seriously, these post TD celebrations are getting pretty old.
Call me old school, but I like Jim Brown's post TD celebration the best...after scoring, he'd either drop the ball right there or hand it to the ref and then amble back to the sideline...slowly.

Von Allan said...

Sorry, but it was lame. "Act like you've been there before." I hate what's happened with pro sports and this kind of excessive celebration.

sager said...

Ah, I didn't say it was cool, it's just nothing to get bent out of shape over.

P.S. To the first commenter, Barry Sanders is a more contemporary reference.

The famous story about Jim Brown was that he never used his hands to push himself up after he was tackled ... he'd always push himself with his elbows, because he wanted to protect his fingers in case he had to catch a pass. Now there is attention to detail!

Tim in London said...


I always push myself off the ground w/ my elbows as well, just to prevent my one white, sparkly glove from getting dirty and ruining my tribute to MJ.

sager said...

Seriously, I propose NFL team hire me as an assistant coach at $500,000 a year just to impart this to their running backs. "Elbows! Elbows!"

I'd also like a date with a cheerleader.

Dennis Prouse said...

That was a tribute to MJ? I thought it was a Karl Malden shout out.