Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Toronto FC - Vancouver Whitecaps live blog

It's almost time for what could be the crucial match of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship. Both Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps enter tonight's clash in Vancouver with six points, but Vancouver's played three matches and TFC only two. If Toronto wins or ties, they claim the Voyageurs Cup. For Vancouver to claim the trophy, they have to win tonight and then have Montreal either lose by a small margin or get a result against TFC in the final match. You can check out the full tie-breaking process in Duane's post here. This rivalry's been getting better all the time, so it should be a great match tonight! Join me in the live blog below for more coverage.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Toronto FC has blown it again.
Supposedly the best professional side in Canada by far, Toronto got humbled by Vancouver 2-0 and now must beat Montreal by a ton to win
So much for MLS superiority over those poor USL cousins.

Dennis Prouse said...

I was just wondering when Duane would check in to tell us all how vastly superior MLS is to USL.