Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft Day: No. 1 overall not the most interesting topic right now

Draft Day's are always exciting, thankfully this week ends with 2 big drafts back-to-back. And my favourite of them all, the NBA draft, is the first one up! (tonight at 7pm).

As Riz already mentioned beyoned Blake Griffin going to the Clippers (a move yes even the Clippers can't mess up!) the board is wide open! It'll be interesting to see what a number of teams end up doing tonight!

But before the night has come there's already been some big moves, and they just keep on coming as well!

Shaquille O'Neal was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ben Wallace, Sasha Papolovic and a draft pick. The Suns are entering full rebuild mode and the Cavs, likely upset this move fizzled earlier in the season, are hopeful this will keep LeBron James in town (I'd say put them over the edge but let's be honest here, win or lose if they still have LeBron after next season they'll be happy!)

Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson have just been traded from the New Jersey Nets to the Orlando Magic for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee and Tony Battie. While this solves the point guard issue it also brings about a new, "I'll play when I feel like it" issue that has dogged Carter his entire career. The Nets certainly benefit but adding some size in Battie, potential and defence in Lee, and...street ball moves and turnovers with least they have some insurance for Devon Harris.

The San Antonio Spurs picked up Richard Jefferson in return for aging defensive specilaist Bruce Bowen, and aging rebounder Kurt Thomas to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Detroit Pistons were in there too acquiring The Spurs needed an injection after it was evident they couldn't do it in the postseason sans Manu Ginobli, in Jefferson they definitely helped out their offence. The Bucks are clearly posturing for signings in the coming future

The Minnesota Timberwolves stockpiled the draft picks, now claiming the fourth overall pick to accompany their fifth overall pick. The trade sends Randy Foye and Mike Miller to the Washington Wizards who, with all star Gilbert Arenas returning next season, should be very much improved. The players the T-Wolves got in return with the fifth overall pick were relatively minor players (Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila and Oleksiy Pecherov), now what they do with their stockpile of high ranking lottery picks will be interesting. Many believe there will be a move made here with someone and not to expect Minnesota to draft twice.

It's never generally this active around draft day, some moves happen but not that many. However this season, with the 2010 free agent bonanza looming, these moves may not even be the last ones we see today! With talks of Detroit making a power move, Rajan Rondo getting into a verbal battle with Celtics GM Danny Ainge after being mentioned in trade talks, and Tracy McGrady being mentioned while the Rockets hope to move into the top 10, there's still plenty of time to go in the next few hours!

Generally who is taken number 1 overall is the talk of the day - this year, it's anything but the first overall selection.

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Gary said...

I can't wait to see the results of the draft. I remember when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was drafted...this may show my age haha. I heard he is playing at the legends sports challenge...I would love to see him there.