Monday, June 15, 2009

Bleeding Tricolour: Bagg lights up land of the Big Sky

It looks like former Queen's Golden Gaels receiver Rob Bagg is faring pretty well in his third training camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Bagg ended up playing a lot last season when the 'Riders had seventy-eight receivers on the injured list (not quite, but almost). The Regina Leader-Post is running a feature on Bagg in its Tuesday edition.

The Regina Leader-Post's beat writers mentioned the former Gaels all-Canadian in some recent dispatches at Rider Rumblings. From Sunday:
"On the turf, Chris Jones and Rob Bagg took turns making dazzling catches. Bagg made a lovely gliding catch on a pass from Dalton Bell and Jones showed his speed when he cut under a defender for what turned out to be an easy reception. He just made it look effortless.

"LB Sean Lucas and Bagg also had a spirited battle during one-on-one drills. It was a great moment within training camp. Lucas had Baggg covered on a sideline route. Bagg battled to get open and Bell delivered the perfect pass for the catch. It was a play where everyone did their job. Pretty to watch."
Former Ottawa Gee-Gees receiver Adam Nicolson also "went down during a drill with an injury to his left knee or calf." It seems like Nicolson, the former B.C. Lions draft choice, has often been snakebitten with injuries.

Also, from Friday:
"With so much going on off the field, it was tough keeping track of what was taking place on the turf. Rob Bagg made a spectacular, twisting 45-yard reception on a pass from Dalton Bell."
With everything Bagg can do on special teams, the 'Riders might have to find a spot for him along with their two Canadian slotbacks, Jason Clermont and Andy Fantuz. Granted, 'Riders fans are worrying more about who's going to be throwing the lion's shares of the passes, not who's going to be catching them.

You remember Andy Fantuz. He won the Hec Crighton award at Western in 2005, was nails when the 'Riders won the Grey Cup in '07 and no true Queen'sman will admit that he might have been a more dominant Canadian university receiver than No. 3, Jock Climie. Hell, it's even hard to admit there was a better slotback at an Ontario school than James MacLean.

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