Thursday, May 07, 2009

You kids out there, don't use that word

Irony: On Saturday night, CBC showed Pulp Fiction with the F-word edited out, but some are saying Don Cherry said it on-air earlier that night during the post-game wrap of Game 2 of the Vancouver-Chicago series.

In all honesty, it seems pretty innocuous and it's only being pointed out because it was amusing the Ceeb cut the swears out of a late-night movie that aired right after its preeminent puck personality polluted the airwaves.

Cherry was commentating over a series of clips that showed how the Canucks forwards were sagging down low in their own zone and then rushing out to try and block shots, inadvertently screening goalie Roberto Luongo. It starts at about the 1:10 mark.

"I mean, why would you run out like that? Fuck, look the guy's gonna run out again."

The fact it took several days for the clip to get YouTubed suggests it was pretty benign. It happens. There's a scene in The Boys of Summer when Roger Kahn describes his father, a college professor, insisting profanity is superfluous to good English. Kahn, having heard the way ballplayers talk, says it is the other way around in sports: Good English is superfluous to profanity. It's going to happen in sports broadcasting and we should be grateful that it can be laughed off instead nailing someone for it.

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Greg said...

No big deal. Cherry's doing his thing. Showcase airs much more risky stuff at earlier hours than this. Whatever.