Thursday, May 07, 2009

After all that: Liam McMorrow, talk about a fable

Spare a thought for Toronto baller Liam McMorrow.

The seven-footer, who earned a fair amount of attention last year when he earned a scholarship to Marquette without ever playing high school basketball, has been found "medically incapacitated to play basketball," before he ever got to play a game in the NCAA. It is crazy how that could happen to someone with such an unlikely story.

McMorrow, as the Toronto Sun and Toronto Star detailed last September, never played organized hoops, preferring hockey and lacrosse. He shot up up six inches after high school, played a single season at Durham College in Oshawa, and made what is believe to be an unprecedented leap from the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association to D-1 hoops.
" 'I am convinced that (McMorrow) will be one of the most unbelievable stories in college basketball and people will talk about it for years,' said Marquette coach Buzz Williams. 'Look where he is now, and then just wait and see where he'll be in five years.' " — Toronto Star, Sept. 17, 2008
The silver lining is that Marquette says it's going to honour McMorrow's scholarship as he works toward a career in sports broadcasting. Talk about a modern-day fable. You go from never playing basketball to being recruited by a Big East school — as McMorrow put it last year, "I blinked and got it." Then, almost as rapidly, the playing part is taken away through no fault of your own.

Anyway, a door never closes without a window opening, so wish Mr. McMorrow the best.

Liam McMorrow, we hardly knew we (Cracked Sidewalks)

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