Saturday, May 23, 2009

LeBron: Maybe so, maybe not, but it was a helluva shot

It's not this site's place to burnish LeBron James' iconography. A colleague did suggest there was a remarkable similarity between King James' buzzer-beating three that tied the NBA Eastern Conference final on Friday and Michael Jordan's shot which eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989.



Well, it was in the same city and it was a straight-on look at the hoop with almost no angle.

It could be a fun debate which was the greater unlikelihood. Jordan had to shake off Craig Ehlo and a very long defender, Larry Nance to give himself the sliver of an opening he needed. It was also on the road.

LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers had only one second, though, and it was a three-pointer.

Andrew Bucholtz has a comprehensive post up at Sporting Madness. It's worth the click-through.

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