Friday, April 17, 2009

Hoserdome 2009: Playoffs, Night 2


Blackhawks 3 Calgary 2 (overtime; Chicago leads 1-0) — There is genuine envy toward the innocents who watched this without knowing that Roger Sportsnet's Calgary correspondent, Roger Millions, had a hopefully not career-ending moment before the game (language not safe for work).

Meantime, one would think that the Blackhawks, given the way which they finished off this game, have momentum for Game 2. The Flames are hoppin' mad about the fact there was no call on Chicago's Andrew Ladd when he made contact with Miikka Kiprusoff a split-second before Martin Havlat's winning goal hit the back of the net.

Fair enough, Flames fans, but it was all part of a greater glory. After Chicago tied the game 2-2, someone — let's call him Neate S., no, too obvious, N. Sager — texted Kinger, "Havlat to score the winner." That was pretty impressive, coming as it did through a haze of Sapporo and Jello shooters.

Bruins 4 Canadiens 2 (Boston leads 1-0) — The Habs lost and they won, since there was some positive news about the team's potential sale.

Ducks 2 Sharks 0 (Anaheim leads 1-0) — San Jose really is the equivalent of Red Shoe Diaries; always on late at night, leaving you screaming, "Just do it, already!" The Sharks did everything but score for large stretches vs. Anaheim and Jonas Hiller ... the tree that goes in San Jose might be an apple tree, but the apple is in the throats of the Sharks. Game 2 could be the most important game of the Joe Thornton era in San Jose.

Ryan Getzlaf's sealer in the third period was a goal scorer's goal.

Red Wings 4 Blue Jackets 1 (Detroit leads 1-0) — The Jiri Hudler-Valterri Filipula-Dan Cleary line dominated and a gaffe by Manny Malhotra, who deflected the puck into the net on the goal on which put Detroit ahead to stay, helped swing the game to the Red Wings.

Is everyone just assuming Detroit wins in four, five tops?

Last, but not least, Chris Zelkovich from the Toronto Star shared the news during the evening. The Save-On Foods grocery chain is picking up the tab for CBC Sports to broadcast Games 3, 4 and (if necessary) 6 of the Vancouver Canucks-St. Louis Blues series in HD.

Never say the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease.


Greg said...

Don't know if it's a career-ending moment there, but it's close. Roger's going to be off-the-air for awhile, methinks.

Dennis Prouse said...

I don't care if you think the segment is being canned or not. You NEVER swear or do inappropriate things around open microphones or cameras, EVER. The number one rule they always taught us in media training is, "the camera is always rolling, the microphone is always on, and the notepad is always open." In other words, you have to be a professional at all times. You would think these guys would have learned from Chris Berman's leaked outtakes that this kind of stuff can come back to haunt you, either instantly, as it did to Millions, or later on, as it did to Berman.

Anonymous said...

Job opening in Calgary for anyone interested and out of work -- man who missed the edit, methinks they're gone as well.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Hope this doesn't end Millions' career. People take language way too seriously in my mind. Who cares what language the sports types say on the air? It's not like we haven't heard it before. Language itself doesn't make something bad or good, but it's deceiving that we have to put up with a sanitized, PG sports world when reality is nothing of the kind.

eyebleaf said...


sager said...

What makes it funnier — poor Roger — is that he adds, "I was doing so well."

It reminded me of Butters Stotch on South Park.

Greg said...

Andrew, the big problem here is that this clip isn't going to go away. Words do matter.

There's significantly larger forces at work here than just Sportsnet saving face. Millions is going to get some serious blowback here, not just because he made a major faux pas on live TV, but also because it's a breach of CRTC policy.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

I know, Greg; my point was just that I don't think it should be that way. It's not like no one ever says offensive words on television; they just usually throw disclaimers in first. It's not new to sports television either; consider The Score's talk shows or "The Best Damn Sports Show". In my mind, there are bigger fish for the CRTC to fry than Roger Millions, who just made a mistake. They should be more concerned with the fees-for-conventional-broadcasters debate and the Rogers/TSN2 fight than attempting to shove some form of morality down our throats...

kinger said...

There are kids who haven't heard the word cocksucker before, and to whom the word should not yet be explained. There are standards in broadcasting for a reason!

And I really don't think a textbook fine is going to take away from their attention to the "Rogers/TSN2 fight". That's pretty specious. Especially since nobody was arguing that slipups were the biggest fish for the CRTC to fry.

By the way, I didn't realize Mike Keenan was such a crybaby. Ladd was clearly pushed into the goal by a Calgary defender and as usual the Canadian media is spinning it the other way to favour the "Canadian" team (look at all the mentions today of how Ladd 'made no effort' not to be pushed down by the defenceman, when there's no onus on him to do that). They're probably just pissed that all their bull about "veteran leadership" on Calgary didn't result in a win for a bunch of untalented buffoons against a legitimately skillful and exciting hockey team.

Not that I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Million's segment was taped, and the guy running the tape in studio mistakenly ran the wrong take. I can see it happening - every take is going to be identical until the end. At the end, Millions looks like he's trying to compose himself for another crack at his bit - he doesn't look like a guy who just swore on live TV.