Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bulls-Celtics pick up where they left off in Game 6

Game 6 Chicago-Boston on The Score right now, and as expected the tension has not dwindled one bit!

The Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo has just been charged with a Flagrant Foul 1 for throwing the Chicago Bulls Kirk Hinrich into the scorer's table after the two players got tied up while Hinrich was boxing out the Bulls point guard. The 2 players have a history this series since Rondo tripped Hinrich while he was on his way to a layup, which resulted in Hinrich getting stitches at the hand of Rondo (to match his teammate Brad Miller, who also felt the wrath of Rondo).

After reviewing the replay the officials decided not to eject Rondo, and even gave Hinrich a technical for pushing Rondo back after the shove into the scorer's table.

The referee's are calling this one as by the numbers as it gets in the NBA, at least in terms of physical contact. Still I feel that Rondo deserved to be ejected, and wouldn't be surprised if this play gets review from the Association once more.

This series is no longer a basketball series, it's reaching the status of an all out war! Game by game Ben Gordon is proving his worth as a star player in the league while Rajon Rondo is proving himself to be one of the cheapest players in the Association. And game by game it's become more and more clear that THIS is the series you want to be watching in the NBA playoffs right now!

It's the end of the First Quarter and Chicago leads by 10 at home, 39-29, in a series that has gone down to the wire four out of five times. There's nothing here to say that this game won't go down the same way!

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