Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sands have shifted under the Yankees' feet

Good friend, not just friend of the blog, Pete Toms' latest for The Biz of Baseball ties together a lot of threads pointing to a backlash against all things pinstriped. Pete seizes upon the fact that when Bank of America walked away from its deal with the Yankees, it cited "the mood of the country," not just the recession.
Instead of excitement about the new stadium and free agent signings, Yankee blogs, message boards and newspaper reports are rife with the comments of angry fans expressing their outrage over how and where their seats have been 'relocated' in the new stadium.
Pete usually marshals his facts and his arguments, which a lot of (present company included) don't always have the patience for.

Are the Yankees a Tarnished Brand? (Pete Toms, The Biz of Baseball)

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