Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ron Wilson has Berger for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Please enjoy Leafs coach Ron Wilson messing with the FAN 590's Howard Berger tonight before TSN and Sportsnet ruin it tomorrow.

Absolutely brilliant, since Wilson owned every moment. You ask a question like, "So, were you annoyed by all those penalties?" and you have it coming. Hockey beat reporters do invaluable work for those on the other side of the rope, but once in a while they need to be reminded they're completely incidental to the whole operation.

Ron Wilson is a bad man (Cox Bloc)
He had it coming (Norman James Sports)


Anonymous said...

I'd never defend an NHL coach normally, but that's priceless.

Howard Berger needs to stop working. Right now.

Anonymous said...

Berger, a much overrated and pathetically unskilled reporter who would find it difficult to work in any other hockey news market other that Maple Leaf-crazed Toronto, has an extraordinary ability to chastise others for personality traits that he himself manifests in abundant ways: arrogance, selfishness, and hyper-sensitivity, and a steadfast refusal to admit fault (i.e. the scandalously irresponsible Avery affair, a matter that truly scars and irreparably damages his integrity as a professional sports reporter). Wilson deserves credit for both exposing Berger as a self-serving, self-promoting mediocrity and for publicly advising him that he will be held accountable before his peers for his professional behavior and actions.