Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart's Jim Cramer takedown

Not sports, but worth a toss. "Isn't there a problem selling snake oil as vitamin tonic?"


Anonymous said...

Wish we could've heard more. Makes for good tv, but false rumours aren't what caused all this, those get flushed quickly, it's the 35 or 40 to 1 leverage that governments allowed to happen (Clinton's Rubinomics), bumped up from the traditional 18 to 1. They did it to create "prosperity" (and get votes). A moral hazard like this ALWAYS creates a bubble.

The financial education in this country and most others is disgustingly lacking, just as governments need it to be. Educate yourself. 99% won't. Prosper.

Big V said...

I believe they have full episodes of john stewart on comedy central

Anonymous said...

Hey favre whats that restaurant you like that you always go to?

Mike Radoslav said...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this because Stewart never professes to be an expert or professional in these matters but still manages to ask the hard hitting questions that many of the major networks shy away from. We need more interviews like this and less interviews inflating egos or allow CEO's and politicians to forward their own agendas using question periods as spin sessions and nothing more.

My big question is whether Mad Money will go the way of Crossfire after Stewart's encounter, as I think Cramer and CNBC got it a lot worse than Tucker Carlson and CNN did!