Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CIS Corner: Good Gaels moments galore

Notes on our athletes/teams of interest from The 613 ...


The hardest-working man in the sports information business, Mike Grobe at Queen's, sent along a link. Queen's is having an online poll to pick the top sporting moment of the 2008-09 school year

The candidates, in chronological order:
  • Oct. 4-5: Queen's men's rugby, football, men's soccer and women's hockey all score shutout victories by an aggregate score of 195 to nothing.
  • Oct. 18: Football and men's rugby teams complete unbeaten regular seasons. And everyone lived happily ever after, the end.
  • Oct. 25: Men's and women's rowing teams sweep the OUA team titles; women win go on to win silver and men take the bronze at the Canadian championships
  • Oct. 26: Women's lacrosse team captures its fourth OUA silver medal in a row.
  • Nov. 21: Football's Pat Sheahan and Thaine Carter are recognized as the coach of the year and top defensive player in Canadian university football.
  • Jan. 7: Brittany Moore of the women's basketball Gaels become the first player in team history to score 40 points in a game, breaking the single-game record held by one of her coaches, Claire Meadows.
  • Jan. 24: Moore scores the ultimate uncontested layup to give Queen's a last-second, one-point win over Carleton. The Ravens failed to take their positions in the lane for the last of three free-throw attempts, leaving Moore undefended. (And in no way did this site or any of its spin-offs beat this story into the ground, except in every way possible.)
  • Feb. 3: Billy Burke, serving as interim captan, scores the overtime game-winner for the men's hockey team in a road game against Carleton. Burke had six goals in his first three games wearing the 'C' after recording just three in his first 21 games.
  • Feb. 19: Men's volleyball team wins the OUA silver meal for the second year in a row.
  • March 3: Amanda Morra fires a hat trick to help the women's hockey team upset nationally ranked U of T in the playoffs; they ended up extending eventual CIS runners-up Laurier to the full three games in the OUA semis.
Voting is open through Saturday, March 28, closing at midnight.


It won't be too long till training camp. Here's a highlight-reel pass-and-run play from Gee-Gees recruit Brendan Gillanders from last fall:


Big V said...

That is such a typical high school highlight...
In five years at queens we get to see some unreal highlight tapes, only to see the player in camp and the guy is a bust...
This kid should also realize he is going to have to compete with a new transfer ever year.


Big V said...

Missing from the list

HOMECOMING football game domination

Andrew Bucholtz said...

@BigV: Hey, football's mentioned in three different moments, more than any other team. There's only so much I can do! Homecoming was another one considered, though.

kinger said...

The Journal had something to do with the list? No wonder it's so poor.

Burke's overtime goal in a game that should've never gone to overtime is on the list, but Jared Thomson scoring in OT to beat UQTR isn't?

Not to mention the homecoming game... the best crowd at Richardson in the 3 years I've been here.

Either way my pick's the ultimate uncontested layup. But still, yeesh, what a stinker of a list.


Anonymous said...

Never can have too many really good running backs on the bench. Queen's and Ottawa found that out this past season with Giffin and Ottawa's duo of Mason and Potvin-Desjardins all missing playoff games due to injury.