Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chris Bosh v. Public Opinion

A story broke from the ever-jovial Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star today that casts a dark shadow over the Toronto Raptors superstar Chris Bosh. And thus opens the court of public opinion on the Toronto sportscene's latest superstar. Everyone please take your seats.

In the article Feschuk points out that Bosh’s former girlfriend, one Allison Mathis – the infamous Lebron James courtside heckler from last season – gave birth to Bosh’s daughter recently, and by the mother’s accusations the father is not pulling his weight at all. In fact, Bosh has already being labeled a “deadbeat dad” throughout the media for reportedly leaving his girlfriend a few months prior to the child’s birth.

As if the season wasn’t going along swimmingly for Bosh, here comes the potential of having to field personal questions as well in post game media scrums - and the story broke on his 25th birthday nonetheless! No better way to top off an already lacklustre campaign that the young superstar was surely not expecting to endure. It was already addressed today in fact, at which point Bosh made an open plea for some sanity:

"All I can say is I'm going to take care of my responsibilities," (Bosh) said."I ask everybody to respect my wish to keep everything private"

All those willing to believe the media will back down I ask you, please, don't hold your breath. Nothing is sacred may be far too clich̩ but does ring true Рfrom paternal issues to making light of fallen soldiers, everything is open to discussion ad nauseum and will be taken to such an extent.

In recent months concerns over whether Bosh wants to remain in Toronto have been the main topic of conversation in Raptors circles, with the prevailing assumption being that his days with Toronto are winding down. Many have referenced the demeanor Bosh has held in game, far less enthused than previously shown, as proof enough that he was done with this situation, this town, and this team. A messy paternity situation is exactly the kind of thing that might weigh down on one’s mind and affect one’s game, although it doesn't seem right to discuss Bosh's long term plans at the present time. One step at a time.

Searching for a positive note this is a trial upcoming involing an athlete that does not concern drug usage, prostitution, or impaired driving. Neither does it concern an assault, murder wrap, or illegal dog-fighting ring, another welcome change! Sadly it does revolve around a male athlete belittling a female, a theme that’s almost a prerequisite to shake for all professional athletes when they make it big. And even worse, the man in the thick of it all is Chris Bosh.

In his career thus far Bosh has comes across as the NBA superstar every teams would love to have: quiet and well mannered in interviews, an intense leader on the court while active within the community offcourt. Following the young man's career over his time spent here it's hard to believe that this was all just a facade. In time however the truth will come out either way.

Should Chris Bosh be found guilty of these accusations then he can be judged accordingly; if he is cleared of the charges and this turns out to be nothing more than a bitter break-up dragged out into public, once again people can make their decisions. Until all the facts come out, and not just one side, there should be no jumping to conclusions here, although human nature dictates many will anyhow.

The next game will be a character game, for both a team recently described by Toronto Star's Doug Smith as playing without heart to their leader who publicly just had his ripped out. Should be interesting to see how both respond...

Raptors star Bosh a deadbeat dad, lawsuit says (Toronto Star)

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