Saturday, March 28, 2009

Capturing the spirit of the thing...

The urban legend going around Kingston is that Frontenacs owner Doug Springer was heard saying the other day, "The Voyageurs must have had a really terrible season. Is that why the league is punishing by making them play all these extra games?"

Forgive Springer for that one; a Kingston junior hockey team being one win away from the league championship series is just such an alien concept to him. (The Ontario Junior Hockey League's Voyageurs are up 3-1 in the league semi-final with Huntsville.)

Relax, that is just a way to introduce the video tribute that MisterDB of Fronts Talk put together for Kinger.

It is beyond the pale to divine the intent of headline writers, but there are two ways to take the headline in the Kingston Whig-Standard's advancer, "Owner ensures Vees can have shot at glory." One is that it's simply capturing the spirit of the thing; for this site's purposes, it can be read as a thinly veiled shot at the owner of the city's other junior hockey team, the one which is No. 2 in its market.

Let it be said Doug Springer also ensures the Frontenacs can have a shot at glory. There's some glory in being in the running for the No. 1 or No. 2 overall draft choice, right?


kinger said...

For those interested in seeing whether the Vees clinch tonight, Huntsville has a webcast at

Jon Letherby (of Rogers TV OHL fame) calls their games.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wasn't buying the glowing treatment of the No. 1 hockey owner in this city in the Whig on Saturday. Gregg Rosen probably pulled in 1,000 spectators in Game 4, at $10-$15 a spectator. Not a bad payday for that game and the entire playoff run in general. And now he has at least two more home games to rake in the dough.

Sorry, not ready to nominate Rosen for hockey owner sainthood. The kids deserve the best treatment because they win the games and fill the stands.

sager said...

Easy there, no one said the man was a saint. Rosen springing for a night in a hotel and the extra meals is commendable. A Provincial Junior A team is usually a break-even prop. at best, not a licence to print money.

Anything looks good compared to the small-town cheap Frontenacs ownership. By the way, if Doug Springer had any sense of public relations, he'd offer the Vees the use of the K-Rock Pot for the final. They wouldn't take him up on it since it might be a hassle for their fans (with the parking), but they ought to, anyways.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was wondering if any thought would be given to having the final at the K-Rock Centre, but I think it would hurt the Vees. The reason the Vees have had so much success at that gate is that they are not the Frontenacs. They have their own arena that's easy to get to. Moving the final, while it might make economic sense, could serve to alienate fans and appear to be a cash grab.

I say stick with the cozy confines of the Invista Centre.

sager said...

That's a good take. One would hope the Vees are drawing so well because they're winning, not because there's so much hate for the Frontenacs ownership and management. There was a comment on Fronts Talk that, "There are a lot of Frontenac fans / season ticket holders that attend these games, it feels like family there instead of the sterile cold non fan friendly K-Rock Centre."