Monday, March 16, 2009

Bleeding Tricolour: Offensive coordinator parts with Gaels

Queen's is apparently seeking a change in direction after the playoff disappointments of the past two seasons, where a prolific offence bogged down in losses to Ottawa and Western.

Offensive coordinator and QB coach Warren Goldie is leaving the program after a seven-year run with coach Pat Sheahan. The players were told at the team's season-ending banquet last weekend in Kingston that Goldie is leaving the program. Sources note he has a real estate business and young children,

The Golden Gaels coaches have come under scrutiny in the past two seasons, as so often happens when a team loses at home in the playoffs. Their pass-run ratio was out of whack, especially in the 2007 Western game, and they couldn't make up for an injury to tailback Mike Giffin in the '08 loss to Ottawa.

Goldie is well regarded for being very sound with his coaching points, the technical instruction. On his watch, Queen's has had a string of receivers get CFL shots — Craig Spear, Iain Fleming, Brad Smith, current Saskatchewan Roughrider Rob Bagg and 2008 all-Canadian Scott Valberg, who's likely to get a free-agent shot. Queen's has also had two quarterbacks, Tom Denison and current fifth-year senior Dan Brannagan, each amass more than 7,500 career passing yards during Goldie's era. He'll be missed.

The upshot is that Sheahan has been his own offensive coordinator before. People will probably chalk this up to fallout from last fall and Queen's lack of luck at getting back to the Yates Cup.


kinger said...

Yeah, clearly it was Goldie's fault. Next up, we fire assistant GM Jeff Jackson to turn the Leafs around.

In all honesty, nice scoop. If your source had told the Journal it probably would've taken til December for it to be published.

sager said...

Kinger, I prefer your Vassar-bashing to your Journal-bashing. Seriously, thanks, although I dunno if should be called a scoop when all the Gaels players, coaches and any boosters or alumni who attended the awards dinner were told.

Anonymous said...

Another significant role coach Goldie played was in Alumni relations. He was instrumental with the Queen's golf tournament and several other fundrasing events.

kinger said...

Also their ALS fundraising effort.

Plus he was a great interview.

No, I'm not equating the two. But he was.

Dennis Prouse said...

Offensive Coordinator has to be the most thankless job in football. The OC is forever being second guessed by players, fans, and fellow coaches, all of whom are certain that a different play would have worked wonders in that situation. The OC always makes a convenient scapegoat for a Head Coach under fire, as firing the OC always buys you another year or two. Call me old fashioned, but I have always been fond of Head Coaches who stand up for their staff, and who take responsibility for the program on their shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Did Sheahan let Goldie go, or was it entirely Goldie's wish? Noted that he has other interests and responsibilities.

Maybe he was even pissed off that Queen's canceled Homecoming, and with the big game gone, thought this was the appropriate time to exit and get on with his other concerns.

Anonymous said...

Goldie retired, at least thats what they said at the banquet

sager said...

If anyone wants to press the angle that this is all former interim principal Tom Williams' and the Queen's administration's fault, be our guest. We like making trouble.