Friday, February 20, 2009

Vick on the Vikes ... no not really

Chances are, your Saturday paper might pick up a wire story saying the Minnesota Vikings are a possible destination for Michael Vick if he is reinstated to the NFL. (Mike Florio has destroyed it, by the way.)

There is a theory Vick won't be reinstated by the judge and jury, NFL commish Roger Goodell, into he's too old to be much good to a NFL team. (Tough luck, there's always the Detroit Lions.) The NFL's rules against tampering also means teams have to hold their cards pretty close to their chests. The Vikings aren't saying much.

At the other end of spectrum, it's cliché to turn a convicted dogfighter into the people's choice, because who's got time for that? There seems to be a general consensus that people were quick to let the professional opportunists, namely the media whores at PETA, have the final word on Vick during the summer of 2007. Everything semi-sports related which has come after — Bernie Madoff, Alex Rodriguez, well, pretty much anything to do with the Yankees since the end of the 2008 baseball season — makes Vick seem like small beer.

Point being, let him back.

This is more amusing than anything else, but if you go to Google News for word on Vick, one link is to an article about a judge demanding the death by lethal injection of 127 does who belonged to an imprisoned dogfighter.
Led by Best Friends Animals Society, the coalition includes BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), Animal Farm Foundation, Villalobos Rescue Center, and Downtown Dog Rescue.
Where's PETA on this? One hundred twenty-seven innocent animals being destroyed because their owner is a crook, you'd think they would be all over that. My point exactly.

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