Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A real football team in Detroit...

There is a good chance this gets buried by the news out of Regina about Eric Tillman, but ... RotoExperts.com is reporting the former NFL wideout Oronde Gadsden wants to put a CFL team back in the U.S., in Rochester, N.Y., or Detroit.

The CFL might be wary of returning to the U.S. after the disastrous boondoggle there in the the mid-1990s. Gadsden has a successful second career as a director of a company which makes sports apparel, so apparently he has the chops.
"Oronde Gadsden, a former Miami Dolphins WR and AFL player, told RotoExperts.com he is leading an effort to bring a Canadian Football League team back to the United States, maybe even for the upcoming season. Gadsden said the potential franchise would be located in the Detroit area, or Rochester, New York. The CFL last included American franchises during the 1995 season.

“ 'Those are two great cities that would support the game and would really fill a niche if we can get agreements from the league, then one of the cities,” Gadsden said. 'With the AFL not active, there are some great players who deserve to be seen, and the time is right for CFL expansion back into the U.S. The league is more stable than ever.' ”
There is a void in the minor-league football market and if the CFL did it reasonably, only going into northern cities with a strong Canadian tie, much like major junior hockey. It could work, or the CFL could keep the cards it has been dealt.

CFL returning to the U.S.? (RotoExperts.com)
CFL heading back to the States? (Pro Football Talk)
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Anonymous said...

Detroit? They're having trouble filling seats for their Stanley Cup champion hockey team. If struggling former auto workers aren't going to shell out $20 to see the Wings, a cattle prod wouldn't get them to go see a CFL game.

I've nothing against upsate NY, but nothing screams "minor league" like Rochester. A lot of people around the National Lacrosse League are quietly hoping that the Knighthawks fail so the NLL can shed that tag (although in fairness, Rochester has been a good lacrosse town for decades).

And, like the first attempt in the states, there's that issue of American teams not having to abide by the non-import/import quota. Teams in the same league playing by different rules doesn't work.

Memo to Oronde Gadsden: Lonie may be a blast to hang out with at Hooters, but take his business advice with a grain of salt.

DR said...

This is clearly never going to happen, but another problem with a CFL team in Rochester is that there is, as far as I know, no stadium that is close to being adequate. While they have very good universities, they are more focused on academics than athletics. Maybe the city will build a stadium, right after the Toronto-Rochester ferry gets up and running again.

Duane Rollins said...

They have a soccer stadium in Rochester that needs dates and sits about 15,000. It's a stretch, but...

I'm OK with American CFL teams so long as they are required to play the same quota rules as the rest of the league.

DR said...

Thanks for clarifying. I had no idea.