Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fronts: The publication is benign; the owner is a cancer

This bears further checking out: Save The Fronts reports Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer barred a freebie publication from being distributed at the K-Rock Centre.

Please keep in mind that it's come to the point in Kingston where many Fronts diehards will believe almost anything about Springer, including that he would spike Hockey Now, a pretty benign publication. It just so happens that the very paper gave a plug several weeks ago to Save The Fronts saying, "A fan site dedicated to ousting GM Larry Mavety (who they call the Royal Mavesty) and owner Doug Springer is gaining a lot of traction with area fans and makes some very strong points."

(Interlude: Puck Daddy has posted Oshawa's James DeLory's slash on Nathan Moon.)

It is entirely believable that Springer would see to it that Hockey Now be removed from the K-Rock Centre. He is reputed to be thin-skinned, but scions of the prominent families in a small cities do not expect to have their actions questioned by people who are not astute enough to have been born into affluence, let's try to see both sides.

Trying to control or suppress media coverage is a common trait trait of legendarily bad sports owners. Harold Ballard barring female and certain individual reporters from the Leafs' dressing room at Maple Leaf Gardens. Chicago Blackhawks fans had to wait for Bill Wirtz to leave this vale of tears before they could watch home games on local TV. Springer, similarly, has been known to tell people, that if it was up to him (it isn't, it's an OHL policy), Frontenacs home games wouldn't be televised, even though, when his regular seats were among the fans at the Kingston Memorial Centre, he was known to follow the first period from his living room before deciding whether to risk being heckled by fans. In other words, he's entitled to his entitlement, but Frontenacs fans are not.

It's also quite possible this is a misunderstanding. Hockey Now doesn't have drop points at every arena in Ontario. However, it should give Springer pause to wonder why a bloc of the franchise's loyalest, most hardcore fans are given to assuming the worst about his organization and also believe some apologists would look the other way if the owner paraded down Princess Street in a state of undress. Someone got the ball rolling with creating such a toxic atmosphere.

It has been 476 days since Doug Springer promised to do "whatever it takes" to bring a winner to Kingston.

(Congrats to Fronts centre Ethan Werek for being named International Scouting Service OHL draft prospect of the week.


Sportsdump said...

OOLF, I just visited http://www.ontariohockey.com/story.aspx?c=24&id=2748 and it didn't take long to realyze the author didn't list the OHL teams in alphabetical order

on paper, the team is Doug Springer's investment and anything derogatory towards to the organization I feel he has the right to refuse on his leased property including third-party publications

but with that in mind banning Hockey Now from the K-Rock Centre will make news all on it's own; like here on Out Of Left Field and I'm sure it will soon spread to the Frontenacs Fan Forum and over on the NOOF - now I'm just waiting to hear this story mentioned on Sports Talk Radio shows

Duane Rollins said...

FYI - The battle for first in the east goes tonight. Brampton at Belleville. This author may pony up the $6 for the feed....

sager said...

Hmmm... obviously I am rooting for Belleville on account of Murphy and Robert Stellick (who goes to Queen's).

Basically, this game is ex-Frontenacs vs. players fortunate enough to not get drafted by the Frontenacs. Or does that describe Barrie-Belleville games?

Rob Pettapiece said...

Duane saying he'd pay $6 just for the feed is odd, as I was noodling around the Rangers' website earlier and saw the ticket prices were $18 for Friday's game against Saginaw.

Somebody please tell me that Kitchener charges, like, twice the price of every other team, because this author does not value OHL hockey at twenty friggin' dollars.

sager said...

The 67's charge $14; you're looking 20 bucks in Kingston with the surcharges, plus parking.

Granted, it's pretty easy to get your hands on vouchers for 67's games which can be redeemed at the box office, which I often do. As for the K-Rock Centre, no word of a lie, I snuck in last time.