Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally hope for Canadian soccer again

Even though Carolina Morace's appointment as the next women's head soccer coach was the worst kept secret in Canadian sport, it was still a shock to see her walk out to be announced at today's press conference at BMO Field.

Hiring the best candidate and giving her the power to operate on her own terms isn't typically the CSA's way. I doubt that anyone would have been shocked if Ian Bridge had ran out midway through the presser -- maybe with a B.C. flag wrapped around to the tune of The Boys are Back in Town al la the WWE -- to claim his rightful place as the latest CSA good ole' boy to join the coaching ranks. Instead we stood by dumbfounded that the CSA didn't screw it up. They actually got their woman.

Time will tell whether what appears to be a great move actually will pan out, but the early signs are there. Morace's English is not all that strong yet, so she had difficulty handling questions of depth. Still, she seemed to indicate that he bad old days of boot and chase soccer will be put in the past.

"Tactics are important," she said.

Well there ya go. That shouldn't be refreshing, but, is.

It's, as most know, been a tough few months for Canadian soccer fans. Today, however, represents the first real piece of hope in a long time. It was time for Canada to move forward on the women's side four years ago, but now is better than never. The country is still ranked No. 11 in the world. Unlike the men's side, it has yet to fall into the abyss. Morace and the CSA said that their goal is to win, period. Full stop. Here's hoping that they are good for their word because soccer in this country needs something to grab hold of now. Maybe a Morace led Canadian team -- playing winning and attractive football -- will be just that.


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