Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can-Amers looking for a splendid sobriquet

Ottawa's Can-Am League baseball team has its name-the-team contest down to five:
  • Ottawa Colonels
  • Ottawa Jax
  • Ottawa Raftsmen
  • Ottawa Trappers
  • Ottawa Voyageurs
It would not do to use my limited platform to influence the vote, but people should weigh in over at Carl Kiiffner's Can-Am Ottawa Blog.

Ottawa Colonels would at least have a neat interlocking OC insignia on their caps. Raftsmen and Trappers stay true to the heritage of the Ottawa Valley. Jax is nice and short for headline-writing purposes (but don't call it zippy). Voyageurs works in both French and English (and journalistically, can be clipped to Vees).

Fans can vote by emailing to ottawacanam(at) or by calling 613-741-0777. The deadline is 12 noon on Feb. 17.


kinger said...

What's a Jax? That's a little too Rapidz-y for me.

Colonels, Trappers, and Voyageurs sound pretty solid.

Nick said...

Don't call them Trappers. Edmonton had a great heritage with a team named Trappers and I think for the sake of baseball in Canada it is proper to associate Trappers with Edmonton

sager said...

Good point, Nick ... thanks.

Amrit Ahluwalia said...

The Ottawa Last-More-Than-A-Years!!!

Tao of Stieb said...

Go Vees Go!

Voyageurs was our suggestion way back someone listening to us? (Or do we just have a seriously inflated sense of our influence?)

Anonymous said...

All I can say this the best they can come up with?
Uninspired is the word that come to mind.
What the hell is a "Jax", anyway?
How about the Ottawa Mufferaws, named after the French Canadian folk hero Big Joe Mufferaw, who hailed from the Ottawa Valley and was immortalized in the Stompin' Tom Connors song.
It's better than Rapidz...yuck!