Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Voyageurs call for Dale Mitchell's head

The Voyageurs are calling for the CSA to fire Dale Mitchell.

In a press release issued tonight, the group said that "(g)iven the extremely poor results, substandard play and lack of leadership in the men's national program...Mitchell should be immediately relieved of his responsibilities."

In any other country this wouldn't be a question. However, in Canada -- where provincial voting blocs rule the day -- nepotism tends to win out over results. Mitchell is from British Columbia. B.C. has a lot of power. You do the math.

The Vs say it best. "Canada's recent results in attempting to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup (zero wins, two draws and four losses in our semi-final qualifying group, for a total of two points out of a possible 18) is unacceptable, especially given the calibre of elite players in the Canadian talent pool."

It's not just the fans that are calling for change. At last the players are starting to make noise too. Today Canada's best player, Julian de Guzman, spoke with extreme candour to the CBC. I guess you can cross his name off the Gold Cup roster now.

It likely doesn't matter though. Mitchell will be in charge through to the end of his contract. There simply isn't the will to rock the boat to the point that he would be fired. What's the point anyway, the CSA might argue. It's cheaper and easier to just let him ride it out and bring in a new guy for the '14 cycle.

It probably is cheaper and it definitely is easier. But, that doesn’t make it right.

Mitchell needs to be released to send a message. That message is that Canada won't accept losing on the world stage any longer. There is too much talent here to go to waste. The status quo has never been good enough and it certainly isn't now.

I do believe that there are people in the CSA that do care about the elite game. They share the fan's concerns. Those voices need to stand up and be heard now.


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