Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Van 2010: Beware the wrath of Kwan

Something for your Vancouver 2010 radar screen: Michelle Kwan, who is contemplating a comeback. Actually, she is contemplating contemplating making a comeback, three years removed from hip surgery.
"Even without an Olympic title, she is the greatest skater of the past 20 years and among the top five women in the history of the sport.

"Just to watch her doing a spiral – a pure, clean spiral, not the ungainly contortions skaters must perform in the new (scoring) system – would be enough." – Globetrotting
Skating the winner if Kwan tries for Olympics again (Phillip Hersh, chicagotribune.com)

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Dennis Prouse said...

Hey, our comebacks worked out well!

Yours sincerely,

Bjorn Borg, Jim Palmer, and Mark Spitz

Seriously, this is a BAD idea. Once an athlete has been away from the daily grind of competition, it is hard to get the edge back. That goes double for a 28 year old woman. If she was a marathoner, she would be just hitting her peak, but as a competitive figure skater her best days are way behind her. She had a wonderful career -- hopefully someone can talk some sense into her before she takes the plunge.