Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A-twitter about getting Tavares, maybe

Sens Army Blog is having some fun with the revelation that someone has assumed the personality of Daniel Alfredsson on Twitter.

At least the imposter likes a challenge, since Swedish hockey players are not exactly known for having much in the way of identifiable personality. Twitter Alfie is apparently a caring type, writing after one loss, "Murraysburg, sorry it may have cost you your jobs."

He's also a culture vulture, who gets updates from CBC News and dishing that he relaxes with ABBA's Christmas album, which plays into any number of Swedish stereotypes. That is one giveaway that it's not Alfredsson, along with the fact "Murraysburg" is the kind of clever compound word that usually comes from some random corner of the web, not a hockey player who's got way too much time for such silliness.

You probably care more about whether the Senators will try to get into the John Tavares/Victor Hedman hunt. (James Mirtle advocated that course of action today at From The Rink.) The Senators organization loves them the Twitter, although they aren't following anyone else's tweets (0 following, 106 followers), which seems like poor form.

Anyway, it would be fun if it was really Alfredsson. The question is who has the time and the motivation and who has the know-how to ferret out the culprit? Please bear in mind this is from the same person who thought a popular Sens blog was actually an inside job. Some of us -- the same ones who wish they could say they were the last to know about THE_REAL_SHAQ -- still believe.

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