Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some soccer football talk

I had the opportunity today to appear on's It's Called Football live podcast today. The program is hosted by Metro Toronto's Ben Rycroft, Onward Soccer's Ben Knight and Chantelle Junker, a relative newcomer to the wacky online world of Canadian soccer.

The show is informative, irreverent and intelligent -- a nice combination. And, it fills a niche in the marketplace. Although TFC puts 20,000 people a game in the stadium, Reds talk is almost invisible on the Fan590 and AM640, at least during the daylight hours.

ICF covers the domestic game in Canada -- whether it's TFC (which is the focus, it's a Toronto station) the USL or the national team. International news is also up for discussion, but always from a Canuck perspective. In short, it's the program Canadian soccer fans have been waiting to see for years.

Today, I discussed the Dwayne DeRosario contract impasse and the future of sports blogging as it relates to TFC and soccer in Canada. The crew was also nice enough to let me stick around and referee a fun segment called penalties, where two people debate the topics of the day.

Below the jump is embedded video of the show. If you can handle looking at my pudgy self for a few minutes give it a chance (and yes, I am wearing the toque to cover up the fact I'm bald). The show runs just short of an hour. I'm on from about the 20 minute mark to the end.

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