Thursday, January 22, 2009

PETA and Vick : Please say 'feeding two birds with one scone'

Getting one's back up over PETA demanding Michael Vick have some sort of brain scan before he returns to the NFL is a fastball right down the middle.

It's a chance to bash a terminal do-gooder organization and work out some guilt over the Sick Vick firestorm from two summers ago. That being said, the PETA folk is so far out of its element on this it's not even funny. The author at Pacifist Viking, over at his spin-off site, pretty much took the starch out of the self-aggrandizing so-called animal rights activists:
"If you don't think Vick is a good role model, that's fine: don't cheer for him. But professional football is about adults playing a game for our entertainment, not about athletes being role models to children about kindness toward animals."
That sounds reasonable enough. More long-time readers likely need no reminder that this site at least tried to keep Vick's high crimes and misdemeanors in perspective back in 2007, when people were not necessarily ready to listen. It didn't matter that even characters like Dog the Bounty Hunter were at least noting (paraphrasing), "what did the last 50 convicted dog-fighters get?

Vick probably will play in the NFL again. He's not even a cause celebre. Funny how it can turn around in 18 months.

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