Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ottawa Can-Ams: Clean break from last season's Hall hole

Let's be on the up-and-up, even if Rob Hall is pulling a Horn Chen.

Like Can-Am League commish Miles Wolff said in his press release announcing a name-the-team contest for the Ottawa Can-Ams this morning, a "fresh start" might be best for the local nine. The idea of a clean break, in light of last season's shenanigans under Hall and fellow ex-owner Rick Anderson, has a lot of appeal.

The old nickname had a favourable response (at least until the spelling was changed). The entire Can-Am League foray into Ottawa has been an exercise in risk management from Day One. A name change should not cause consternation and cynicism.

Speaking as someone who wants to see minor-league baseball keep going in Ottawa and in Canada, it's best to keep a positive outlook. Please try to see this as a cost of keeping baseball alive in this town. It's too easy to be a cynic and say, "They're changing the name again?"

The name is being changed because we still have a team that's going to playing this summer, even if Hall wants to hoard the name, like Chen has with the Rough Riders moniker (at least until recently). That's the upshot, and it's far better than not having a ball club.

Serious suggestions for the Name The Team contest may be sent to ottawacanam@hotmail.com, while the sarcastic ones can go in our comment section.

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