Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Opening Day a mere 19 weeks away for Rapids

The Unofficial Ottawa Rapids Blog will soon be a hive of activity.

For now, Carl Kiiffner has a poll up about ticketing at Ottawa Stadium. This is important.

The gut feeling? It's going to work out. The difference between last season and this summer will be night and day. The former owners had cash but lacked common sense. It ought to be a complete 180 under new GM Barry Robinson, who having worked in politics for thirty years, knows about the art of the possible.

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Sportsdump said...

as a baseball fan it was a sad when the Lynx moved to Allentown, PA and renamed the Lehigh Valley IronPigs - AAA baseball can thrive in the nation's capital and I hope the Ottawa Rapids will continue to build momentum (I do like the original spelling of Ottawa Rapidz, but that many not translate well into french)