Monday, January 26, 2009

CIS Corner: Football at Carleton, Sooners rather than later?

Notes on our athletes/teams of interest from The 613...
  • Ravens: The obvious jumping-off point from the story about the Ottawa Sooners'
    plan to join the junior Ontario Football Conference is to wonder how this might affect any plans by Carleton to revive football.

    It would be a huge undertaking for Carleton, but with the Sooners' crowds helping to generate a football atmosphere on campus, it can't hurt momentum. The presence of an OFC team isn't a be-all end-all, but if Ottawa's let into the league, it would help their recruiting efforts.
  • Carleton shooting guard and fifth-year tri-captain Stu Turnbull is getting a lot of attention. The school just noted that he's going to be profiled on CBC Ottawa's afternoon show Living In Ottawa. The segment will air Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

    It doesn't need to be pointed out that Turnbull is having a great senior season and deserves every bit of the spotlight. He and Carleton's other two tri-captains, Rob Saunders and Aaron Doornekamp, got near-saturation coverage from their hometown Kingston Whig-Standard on the weekend when the Ravens were playing RMC and Queen's.

    It's kind of funny, since two weeks ago, it was a toss-up which two of four Carleton basketball players to profile for an Ottawa Sun feature. It was either the two Ottawans, Mike Kenny and Kevin McCleery, or Kingstonians Saunders and Turnbull. It is an Ottawa paper and Kenny and McCleery's stories haven't been told as much, so the move was to go with them, knowing there would be plenty of media coverage coming for Turnbull.
  • Gee-Gees: A tip of the cap is due to Ottawa U swimmer Zoe Kamenz, who is off to Zurich, Switzerland for a week-long training camp with the Ontario Future Stars program.
  • Women's hockey: At some point, these two might warrant a feature. Dominque Thibault of L'Orignal and Brittany Wilson of Nepean helped the UConn Huskies sweep the Hockey East women's player of the week honours.

    UConn is No. 8 in the NCAA. It's a fair leap to get from that position into the Frozen Four with all the schools in the Midwest, though.
T-minus 50 hours until the Capital Hoops Classic. There are plans to do a liveblog of both games, it's just a matter of which site.

Sooners launch bid to join OFC; Football club elects new board, hopes to build on momentum from '08 season (Don Wilcox, Ottawa Sun)


Anonymous said...

I hope we do get a ofc team.I think it would help football grow even more.

Anonymous said...

If the Sooners do return to the OFC...they were in it for over 20 years...I sincerely hope they will be more successful than the Junior Riders were.
However, I am not too optimistic that the Sooners could return to their glory days when the owned The OFC year after year in the 70's and 80's.
The reason is because the talent pool for junior football players is currently being shared by three teams, Sooners, Riders and Cumberland.
Unlike the old days, when the Sooners had a monopoly, they have to compete for players with two other teams.
The only way I see the Sooners becoming a force in the OFC is if it merged with the other two organizations and I don't see that happening.

Anonymous said...

The ottawa football pool is very deep.Aslo there will be some players who will perfer playing in the ofc over the quebec league.

Anonymous said...

I've dug around on the Web, and I couldn't find an answer to this question: Why doesn't the QJFL compete for the national junior championship along with the OFC and the two western leagues?

Can anyone shed any light on this?


Anonymous said...

I beleave the league would have to join the cjfl.Aslo they would have to go by cjfl requirements etc which some team may not be able to do.Aslo it would cost more money and teams would need to have deep player pools.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why the Q doesn't compete for the national championship, it's simple...they would get their heads handed to them.
The Q used to compete for it in the 80's.
I remember around 1985 the Sooners traveled to Montreal to play Chateauguay and Ottawa just hammered them 56-10.
The one organization in the Q that was good enogh to play in the OFC was the St. Leonard Cougars, and they left the Q to play in Ontario.
Ironically, St. Leonard has dominated the OFC in recent years, but never could beat the Western teams in the national final.

sager said...

Meantime, has the growth of grassroots football in Quebec helped the QJFL much? It seems like the best players in the province play CEGEP AAA, then go to Laval at age 19 or 20.

Dennis Prouse said...

You have basically nailed it, Neate. The numberous football playing CEGEPs in Quebec hoover up most of the good players, which doesn't leave much left over for junior football. The Q had become basically a two team league with the Sooners and Junior Riders. Most seasons, the Quebec based teams ranged between mediocre and cover-your-eyes awful. Now, of course, it will be a one team league. It will be interesting to see what the long term future is for the Jr. Riders, Cumberland, and the league as a whole.