Friday, January 23, 2009

CIS Corner: The Chias is on at Crashed Ice

It turns out this site has a connection to Red Bull Crashed Ice, the X Games-esque "combination of downhill skating, hockey and boarder-cross" that takes place this weekend in Quebec City.

Liz Chiasson, who was an all-Canadian women's hockey player at Queen's and a long-time minor hockey teammate of Trina Sager, Official Sister of Out of Left Field, is one of 20 contestants in the women's division.

(The Kingston Whig-Standard has an article on Chiasson today. One of the male racers says, "Now we have women racing? I'm not trying to be sexist, but I hope they don't get hurt." Don't worry, pal, you didn't have to try to be sexist.)

On the men's side, Ottawa Gee-Gees forward Corey Thibaudeau is competing. The qualification list is online, which should serve as a helpful betting aid.

If memory serves, Liz was awfully hard to knock off her feet on the ice in those days, so she should do fine this weekend. She has the support of the Sager family — Dad, Mom, Amer, Trina, Shawn and myself.

(That headline is a total cheat, since the Chiassons pronounce their name differently than the late defenceman Steve Chiasson did. Nevertheless...)

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