Monday, December 01, 2008

Yeah, but can I fire the marching band too?

No one is going to accuse MLS' newest team, Seattle Sounders FC, of being behind the times. Located in Microsoft country, the Sounders have embraced technology like no other in the lead-up to the team's first game March 21, 2009.

(They also, bizarrely, are going to be the only soccer team in the world with its very own marching band. I kid you not. Like, tubas).

Early next year they plan on launching a social networking site that will allow fans to share video, swap tickets and, likely, hook-up if they are so inclined. But, the Sounders aren't stopping there. It what is probably a first in North America, the team plans to give the fans actual, honest to goodness, power.

Perhaps most unusual is the new fan membership group that will be armed with the power to vote out the Sounders general manager if the team has a horrible run. Every four years, the group will be able to vote on whether or not to retain the general manager. Membership comes with buying a season ticket or paying a $125 annual fee.

Yes, you read that right. For the low cost of a season's ticket or $125 you can fire the GM. It's a damn good thing for Mo Johnston the MLSE didn't think of this one first.

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