Thursday, December 11, 2008

That's just Ill

No one's 15 minutes of shame is complete until it's been commemorated by a minor-league sports franchise.

The Las Vegas Wranglers are going to wear "prison-style uniforms to pay tribute to recently disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich" during a game next month (Las Vegas Sun, via Gapers Block). Leaving aside the irony that a team whose NHL parent employs Todd Bertuzzi would wear prison stripes, it's a stroke of brilliance.
"The Wranglers' uniforms will feature broad, horizontal black and white stripes with mock prison numbers on the back of each jersey that begin with 'ILLGOV' followed by the players' actual number.

"Following the game, the Las Vegas players will autograph their uniforms and auction them to the public to support the team's various charities.
The Wranglers previously held a Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night. One wonders if a Tom Cruise Blackberry Giveaway Night or Sean Avery Jaw-Wiring Night is in their future.

A little jail house fun; Wranglers to host Gov. Rod Blagojevich prison uniform night

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