Thursday, December 18, 2008

TFC to make big splash Jan 5?

TFC play-by-play voice and host of The Fan590's Soccer Show ,Nigel Reed, wrapped up tonight's Soccer Show with this:

A little birdy tells me there will be an announcement (about a DP) in a couple weeks.

It's podcast is up now. The comment is in response to a caller at 38:20.

Combine that throwaway comment with Sportsnet's Gerry Dobson's subtle as a baseball bat to the head hint yesterday and, well...

It's becoming increasingly clear that something--and something big (not just MLS big, but front page of the Guardian big) is going down in TFC-land. Ultimately, of course, any fan knows that nothing is nothing until the player is holding the strip up at the presser.

Multiple sources have told me to look for that to happen Jan 5.

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