Friday, December 05, 2008

The long road to victory!

It's a little heavy on a Friday afternoon, but any chance to promote Gabriel Desjardins' work at cannot be passed up.

Edmonton Journal writer David Staples has a good interview with Gabe about his work in bringing hockey stats into the late 20th 21st century.

The kicker is that it's an Edmonton hockey writer profiling a Winnipegger who came of age during the 1980s when the Dale Hawerchuk Jets played Sisyphus every spring, rolling their boulder up Mount Messier. Anyways, great stuff, Gabe.

On the subject of hockey stats, check out James Mirtle's post from this morning noting that, thanks to the charity point, it's hard to put the San Jose Sharks' 22-3-1 start into context ("How good is a 22-3-1 start historically? Beats me."). Time was, only two points in the standings were available in a NHL game, now, as James notes, it averages out to 2.25. We could have used that cold, rational, sane analysis in Ottawa last fall.

Interview with hockey stats master Gabriel Desjardins (Cult of Hockey)

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Tim said...

By bringing the stats into this century do you mean making them mathematically accurate? i.e. a "save percentage" of 0.920 would not really be that good. How about 92%? Can't remember if that was elementary school or not.