Monday, December 29, 2008

LIVE! blog - Canada v Germany

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6:49 - Puck drop in about 45 minutes. Once again OOLF is your source for LIVE! World Juniors blogging. Someone has got to do it. I guess.

6:50 -
About the only "news" heading into this is that Chet Pickard is getting his second start in a row tonight -- although it's been suggested that he skipped out to play Canasta with his grandma halfway though yesterday's mess.

7:05 - Canada focusing on "its game", not "looking ahead at opponents." Insight like that is why the puckhead media have jobs!

7:09 - All this talk about goal differential should go out the window tonight. The US only beat the Czechs 4-3, so Canada's healthy +23 will likely survive if the third liners get a bit more ice tonight.

7:15 - Still 15 minutes to go. How much can you break down Canada v Germany?

7:17 -
Remember that game in the 1992 Olympics when Germany took Canada to the shoot out? The last Germany shot wiggled to the goal line, but not over? Do you? (just trying to get your hopes up for a close game)

7:21 - Did you know Canada was playing the US on New Year's Eve? Live on TSN? *cough*

7:25 - Last year's World Juniors team is the CP Team of the Year. It's a bad pick (should have been the men's 8s, but there ya go. This thing is almost ready to go. Finally.

7:34 - Not that we support P2P technology, but those watching this game online might get a better feed than TSN's choppy mess on a website that starts with a "J" and ends with the extension .tv. Again, P2P is stealing.

7:40 - We're finally underway. Patrice Cormier almost kills one of the Germans. Still, shockingly, scoreless one minute in

7:43 - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Ok, shoving, but still. It's all we have. Three miuntes in - no score

7:45 -
Canada to its first PP. So far Philipp Grubauer, Belleville's back-up, has been standing on his head.

7:47 -
Let's make it a two-man advantage. Yikes.

7:50 - Germany kills the first. But, not the second. Goal Canada on the PP - Zach Boychuk

7:53 -
Penalty to Canada. Would it be wrong to hope that Germany scores? Germans are 0-15 on the PP so far however...

7:56 - Not a half bad PP. Germans actually worked it around a bit. Of course Canada looked really dangerous on counter.'s still 1-0. Not bad all things considered.

8:00 -
Another German PP...

8:03 - One good thing about Canada taking penalties. They aren't as likely to score. 5:00 min left. Still 1-0.

8:09 - Long stretch without much action (mostly in German's zone) ends with Canada penalty. 12-2 are the shots, but it's only 1-0. That's gotta be a win by Germany.

8:12 - First period done. If you laid the points on Canada you're likely worried. Truth is the Germans have played well enough and are full marks for the result. This has 5-0, 6-0 written all over it, but it's no where near last night.

8:15 -
Anyone with a long memory for international hockey shouldn't be that surprised by this. Germany has always played Canada fairly tough. It always loses, but it plays Canada fairly tough - there is no history of 11-0 games. So, those expecting a big blow out were bound to be disappointed. For one, the Germans have five CHL players on their roster, including the goalies.

8:27 -
Evidently Canada is out shooting Germany because of "hustle." Uh-huh. We want it more too, I'm sure. Second period underway...

8:31 -
So far the good ole' Canadian heart hasn't resulted in a second goal. But, we still have more than the rest of the world, so don't worry...

8:34 -
Canada back on the PP. German's everywhere fear what comes next. Well, the 12 paying attention anyway.

8:36 - And make it 5-on-3...and a goal. Jamie Benn. It's his fourth of the tourney...2-0 Canada.

8:40 - Watching American TV...the yanks are *really* pushing the outdoor game. There has been about five commercials already. It's a bit preaching to the choir advertising to Americans watching a World Junior game on the NHL Network, but at least there are doing something...and another Canada penalty, 11:32 left AND GERMANY SCORES!

8:44 - David Wolf got the German goal. Yes, he's a hyphenated German (I'll let you take a wild stab at what other country he could play for - Hint his phone number starts with 905).

8:47 - The fans in Ottawa are beginning to think they are watching the Sens. On the road. And, they are worried (which is a bit much, but hey...drama is good).

8:50 -
There is no mystery to what Germany is doing. They are just playing like Germans. Solid and organized. There isn't enough skill to win this, but they won't be embarrassed. Oh, and they are getting great goaltending from Philipp Grubauer. He's a Bull you know...4 min left

8:55 - Germany to the PP! less than a minute left in the 2nd.

9:00 - So, it's 2-1 after two. Let's all just take a moment and reflect on that. I have a theory about Canada and weaker teams that I will share after getting another Diet Coke...

9:10 - Still in the second here's my theory. Canadian players are always taught to play the game, for lack of a better way to put it, humourlessly. Keep your stick on the ice, finish your checks. From an early age on flair is taken out of the game and an emphasis is placed on playing sold, systems hockey. I'm not sure we fully see it, but go to an Atom AAA game and tell me that it isn't problematic that 10-year-olds know what the left-wing lock is. Anyway...when we run into a organized opponent that is just good enough to play solid hockey in their own zone, we get in trouble. Our players are taught to never -- NEVER -- be creative. So, we struggle to break things down. Canada is likely too strong to not win this, but they should be skilled enough to blow this open. They simply aren't allowed to do so by the coaching and systems we force on them from the time they skate. And we're off for the third...

9:17 - And to prove my point P.K. Subban goes all Bobby Orr to make it 3-1. Flair. It's a good thing, you know.

9:20 -
Canada playing a little, well, pissed. They draw a penalty

9:22 - Evander Kane actually got the third goal...but it was all Subban. Highlight of the night stuff, fur sur - Canada not doing muck on the PP, BTW.

9:26 -
It's been a good game for a Bulls fan. Subban has been a star, but Philipp Grubauer has been the star. If you are from Belleville you are either thinking that your goaltending looks OK for next year, or that German kid might be worth something at the trade deadline this year...both work, really. Germany on the PP, by the way.

9:30 - Germany on a two-man advantage now...interesting...

9:33 - Germany can't convert, but they do well. But, they just took a penalty. And some unknown (John Tavares?) scores. 4-1.

9:38 -
Germany gooning it up now with the check from behind. Those Germans...!

9:40 - It's a 5 min penalty.

9:46 - Denis Reul took the major. So far no goals though. Grubauer with a couple more crazy saves. But then Zach Boychuk gets the fifth. 5-1. Let's hope that's it.

9:48 - FWIW - Canada only has one even strength goal tonight.

9:50 - 1:57 left. Canada takes another penalty. Pierre McGuire complains about international officiating for the 3,964 the time. All seems about right.

9:53 - It's over. Germany wins some respect; Canada wins the game 5-1 to go 3-0 in the tournament. First place on the line New Years Eve against the Yankees.

9:56 - 45 saves gives the Player of the game award to Philipp Grubauer for Germany. Thomas Hickey gets the pick for Canada (should have been a Bulls sweep)...and Oh Canada plays...

10:00 - And that's all she wrote for the night. Thanks for reading (although we all should reevaluate our lives, really)


Jordie Dwyer said...

The Germans are likely wondering the same thing the Kzack were asking last night....

Why didn't we ask for an all-Canadian officiating crew? At least then we'd know if they were biased...

sager said...

I'm hoping Canada wins 'nein' to nothing.

Jordie Dwyer said...

Sager...leave the Borkowsky - isms at

Jordie Dwyer said...

So, how long before Quinn decides to make a "teaching point" to a few players – ie Hodgeson's line - for their play in this period?

Duane Rollins said...

About 2:43...

sager said...

Never before has a team outshoot someone 49-13 and still come through so much adversity

(/gags on spoon)

Duane Rollins said...


The mute button can be a wonderful thing. It really, really can.