Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The laughingstock Lions... but be careful

Two pieces of writing relating to the Detroit Lions asbatively posilutely must be shared on the eve of Christmas Eve.

Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports went back-to-back on the Lions on Sunday and Monday. The second is the real honey peach, chastising NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for not getting involved when a member team franchise decides to field something less than a pro team.

Kissing Suzy Kolber has its take posted.

The best of Wetzel:
"... football in Detroit is dead until there’s a change at the top.

"Goodell is doing the league and its fans a disservice by allowing such mismanagement. The Lions do not have NFL-caliber players or NFL-caliber coaches. It isn’t an NFL organization.

"He needs to step in and if not move Ford out, then at least demand he accepts league assistance to help the franchise become legitimate.

"...If Goodell can get tough with players for off-field misbehavior, then why not an owner for prolonged on-field crimes against the sport?
As for KSK, it has to be read in its entirety.

This is where I fail. No doubt, given the opportunity and the forum, I'd just say something sarcastic about how being 0-15 cannot be any more ignominious than fumbling seven times in a home game with the division title on the line, when you play in a domed stadium.

It is still win and you're in for the Minnesota Vikings. They should be able to beat the New York Giants, who have nothing at stake Sunday, and the Chicago Bears might have trouble on the road with the Houston Texans. For pity's sake, the Bears could barely muster 200 yards' offence at home against a depleted defence last night, yet won thanks to out-and-out nincompoopery (two missed field goals and a fumbled point) and some curious turns of fate. It serves any Vikes fan right for putting any hopes on the Green Bay Packers.

Detroit debacle must be stopped (Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports)
You suck. Now start acting like it (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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