Monday, December 15, 2008

Canadians play soccer?

It's probably a subconscious thing that I've failed to touch on the CSA's fan vote for men's and women's player of the year. The 2008 season has to be viewed as an abysmal failure on all fronts after all. It hardly inspires.

No link, by the way, the CSA still hasn't figured out how to run an online poll. Out of Touch has the details (along with his breakdown) on how you can e-mail your vote to Richard Scott.

The short list contains the usual suspects -- DeRo, Julian de Guzman, Atiba Hutchinson, Tomasz Radzinski, Rob Friend and others. I'm not sure why they are bothering with a women's vote. It's Christine Sinclair (although if the new coach could ever tap into Kara Lang and get her to calm the flub down when she's on the ball you would have a player that could challenge Sinclair. Lang could be the women's DeRo).

When you consider the mess that was WCQ, you should probably look to club play to determine your winner. That would put it down to one of Friend or de Guzman. No one else had the type of year that deserves consideration.

My pick is Friend. de Guzman hasn't had the most fortunate start to this season and this is a calendar award.And, Friend has continued to score goals in the Bundesliga. So, he's my pick.

I'm just not that excited by it.

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sager said...

It's a little like a Lou Marsh redux ... no overwhelming candidate.

It's a far cry from 2006, when Canada had MVPs in the NBA, NHL and baseball and the Lou Marsh went to Cindy Klassen, because you couldn't ignore five Olympic medals (although you could).