Friday, December 26, 2008

Remember the name — Junior Lomomba

Another Canadian basketball player to get on your radar screen: Montréal native Junior Lomomba, a 6-foot-4 high school freshman, is lighting it up in high school down in Wisconsin. A lot can happen in the next three years, but he's already considered to be among the top 15 players in his 2012 graduating class, and one would hope that having come up in Canada, he wouldn't take anything for granted, which can happen with teenaged U.S athletes down in the land of milk and money.
"Lomomba is so obsessed with improving he'll watch tape after tape of his previous games. He'll grab a spot on the floor, a handful of waffles in one hand and the remote control in the other, and review every play — especially the bad ones.

" 'Sometimes, I make some mistakes that I can control,- Lomomba said. 'Like not catching the ball or not making the right pass at the right moment. It bothers me, yeah. Most of the time I watch (film) by myself. Sometimes I say bad things. A lot of bad things. ' " — Wisconsin State Journal
Lomomba's uncle, Hennssy Auranthial, played for the Wisconsin Badgers, which explains why he ended up there. In the comments section on the story, fans are already arguing over whether Marquette or Wisconsin, the state's two big programs, should go all out to get him.

Lomomba emerging at Memorial (Bill Cooney, Wisconsin State Journal)


Anonymous said...

This kid is the real deal! I played with him and it's amazing. The only thing that will slow him down is his uncle! This is just a kid, and he is getting so much attention! He needs better people to live with. The only reason he came to Wisconsin is for basketball. Which was hennssy's idea! I just don't want to see this kid get burnt out early by his cheap uncle!

Anonymous said...

I wish that person can say this into my face. First of all this is not the reason why he came to Wisconsin because he had a lot of big time prep school who wanted him. Second, keep your mouth shot on things that you don't know about. Third it was not my deal, it was a family decision "Punk". Fourth, everything he does is not control by me but him. It is his choice of what he wants to do with his life. Lastly he will not get burnt out because he loves and he is passionate about the sport. By the way, basketball was never my primary focus "punk" Education first...He is a 4.0 student asshole...Mind your own me cheap in my face..."punk"...

sager said...

Hi Hennssy (presuming that was you),

It's a pretty good rule -- don't put it in the comments unless you could say it to someone in person.

I do allow anonymous comments because some people feel more secure that way. There is a downside from time to time.

It's probably my fault for writing the post in the first place! (Kidding.)

sager said...

i.e., you're right to be a little angry.