Monday, December 29, 2008

And you would buy from the box office because...

Interested in seeing some World Junior games and don't care if Canada's involved (you'd have a better chance of seeing a good game anyway).

No problem.

And there are plenty more ads just like that one. In the heartland of hockey.

It's time to scale this tournament back, no?


Anonymous said...

Just for a lark I attended todays Sweden=Latvia game at the CC --well part of it, until I had seen enough.
This must be hockey country , as there were quite a few of us there today!I am terrible for estimating attendance but might I suggest 75% of the arena was full. Empty seats were pre-sold as part of packages and then not used.
Where else would that happen for such a boring display?
More interesting than the Latvian team were the Latvian fans, who walked around the arena beating on drums. Great idea, it helped in keeping me awake.
For those in the Ottawa area, TSN is not the only source of TV games. Practically all of the games from the Ottawa Civic Centre are being shown live or on a delayed basis by Rogers Cable on their Community Channel 22. Not many left now though.


Duane Rollins said...

I watched a game (Finland - Sweden) on Rogers Toronto (channel 10) some have been farmed out.