Thursday, November 06, 2008

Think this kid wants to go to Laurier?

In an effort to save my alma mater some valuable recruiting coin, I present the 2013 starting quarterback for the Golden Hawks -- Matthew Soegtrop.

(If you don't follow, check out whom the kid is related to.)

As for the story ... well, it's cute. A nice little, happy read to start off your Thursday morning (remember when Thursday was the first day of the weekend. Ahhh, university days). Who knows whether the Toronto School Board Division II Grade 8 touch football championship is newsworthy enough to take up space in the nation's largest daily newspaper. Why not? If Mats Sundin jogging on a treadmill is news, so is this.

Besides, with the Argos out The Star's got to give Zelkovich something to do.

But, seriously....Coach Jefferies...get on it. It's never too early to start planning ahead.


Mike Radoslav said...

Would be a nice little connection, maybe I'll forward a copy of The Star along to Coach J :)

Anonymous said...

Forget the QB. Hire the coach.

Anonymous said...

no, don't forget the QB, he's awesome.

Anonymous said...

fck the qb hes got a small ppenis that looks like a shrimp uncooked and he masterbaits

Matthew soegtrop said...

the setter didnt get one pass and the one about the qb shrimp size i know hes in my school hell go flashin it around 24/7 you should hire number 11

Anonymous said...

hi and thank you for making this.. i am really matthew soegtrop ill try and make it happen and those comments up there that wasnt me it was just my friend