Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The things you find in your spam

This e-mail just arrived:
Hey Sports Fan!

Mission accomplished this week for Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills with a 54-31 win over the Chiefs. Now at 6-5 and playing the 49ers at the Ralph Wilson Stadium next weekend, our Bills are starting to see the road to the playoffs emerge!

Tickets are still available for the historic matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins at Rogers Centre on December 7. To purchase tickets visit www.billsintoronto.com/tickets.

If you are interested in VIP tickets, including EXCLUSIVE access to the Budweiser Bills Tailgate party please call 877-626-7887.

Don’t miss out on Buffalo Bills’ and NFL history!

Go Bills!
Anyone got $300 to lend me?

Look, it's ugly to take such joy in Rogers' failure to sell this dog out as fast as they would have liked (and make no mistake. It will be sold out), but you have to understand a couple things.

  • After years of listening to the four-downers in T.O. make snotty little comments about the Canadian game, it's nice to know that the NFL can't just open the doors and charge what they want. We lovers-of-the-rouge are still dreaming of a couple thousand empty seats, but even if that doesn't happen the desperation has been fun to watch (sick, I know, but what are you going to do).
  • My cell, cable, home phone and internet are with Rogers. Need I say more? They won't let me download music (which would be wrong, of course, but, yeah, well...). I pay more for my cell than I do my car.
The NFL is a fine institution that I have enjoyed from time to time. I just don't need it in my city and, more to the point, my city doesn't need it to prove that it's a "world class" town. T.O. has a football team already anyway.

Not that I will be upset if the NFL comes to the big smoke. Unlike many, I don't think it will be the death of CFL football (CFL football can't be killed anyway. It's like the cockroach of pro sports. I'm convinced it will still be going in 3174 after two nuclear holocausts and the forced evacuation to Jupiter after the oceans finally took us all out. It will still be looked down on by proponents of the Intergalactic Jousting League, however).

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