Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rapids: Play ball! We'll have a local nine in '09

Never count out Miles Wolff.

Long story short, there will be baseball at Rapids Stadium next spring. Very shortly, it will hit the news in Ottawa that the Can-Am League commissioner has gone to bat for this city, getting the Can-Am League owners, getting them to see the value of being in Ottawa.

The team is likely to run under league control in '09 while Wolff seeks new owners. Thank you and merci beaucoup to Mr. Wolff for making this happen, for those of us who were hoping against hope that what people saw on the diamond (and off it) last summer wasn't the final curtain for pro ball in this city.

This was no fait accompli. The other owners easily could have voted their self-interest and gone with a road team, which means about six extra home dates. But Wolff got them to do the right thing. The understanding is that there will be a press conference out at Rapids Stadium next week. It will be be announced the team will play next season -- it still has a year left on its sublease from the owners of the old Ottawa Lynx -- most likely run by the league while Wolff continues to search for partners who are interest-rich and cash-rich to run the team.

This would not be happening if it was not for Mr. Wolff's belief that baseball can still work as a summertime sport in Canada, as it does with his Quebec Capitales, as well as in Winnipeg and Vancouver. The city of Ottawa has, by almost all accounts, been onside with this from the beginning, and last but least, there have been some very committed local people on the ground.

As greater minds have already said, pro baseball is the best use for the facility out on Coventry Rd. ... only six months until opening day, people. The other good news is this is getting sorted out in November, not February, which means much more time to put together a roster of players for next season.

It is a good day. Please spend some time over at Carl Kiiffner's Unofficial Ottawa Rapids Blog.)

Once more with conviction (The Unofficial Ottawa Rapids Blog)


kinger said...

Yes! Yes!!!!!!

Neate, can I crash at your place for every Rapids home game?

sager said...

Actually, Tyler, you should see about a vacant apartment ... I know of at least one available, since the all-time greatest anonymous commenter probably blew what passed for her/his brains out after hearing the news today!

Fuck you buddy your site is gay just like you! The Rapidz are'nt a team any more and Ottawa does'nt have any baseball any more. So fuck you and your site bitch! Have fun sitting in the parking lot formerly known as jetform park. P.S. I predicted the team would fold and everyone just shunned me well, now whose laughing. Fuckin bitches!

I don't know "whose laughing," pal, but I can tell you who is laughing -- all of us, and every English teacher you ever had, at you. It's a good day.

Anonymous said...

No one talks smack as well as Neate. No one!

See you next Wednesday!